Well-rested, Refreshed Skin

This time of year reminds me of nourishing and replenishing ourselves, whether that means sleeping more, cuddling up in front of a warm fire, or taking extra long hot baths. The cold weather drives us indoors, and sometimes inward. Now that the leaves have fallen and the snow has stuck (in some places), we tend to seek warmth, and a quieter way of being than in the warmer months. This got me to thinking about our skin and how it rests, not to mention how it handles the colder climate.

One of the most important things we can do for our skin, no matter what time of year, is get adequate sleep. Our skin doesn’t really sleep, per se, but when we sleep, our skin and muscles relax. Toxins are ushered out of our skin, and nutrients brought in, bringing healing and reduced inflammation. It is a beautiful process, really, one we don’t have to “accomplish.” It just happens naturally, as our whole body restores and replenishes itself. A bad nights sleep shows up first on our faces with saggy eyes and a lusterless, dull appearance. That is because, without enough sleep, collagen production is slowed, the skin’s structures don’t get adequate nourishment, and toxins linger in the skin.

But there is some things we can do to help it along, the first of course is doing our best to get enough sack time. Also, I recommend changing your pillow cases frequently, every night if necessary, especially if you’re a side sleeper. The skin thats smashed into the pillow doesn’t get to breathe and relax, causing irritation and sometimes blemishes. If you have oily skin and sleep on your side, change your pillow case every night. I know, Ugh.

But, what about before you even hop into bed? Its imperative to clean your face at night with a cleanser made for your skin type. Freshly washed skin has a better chance at replenishing and restoring itself overnight. Removing makeup and the well, gunk, that ends up on our faces after a day in the world, (think pollution etc) takes only a couple of minutes and is worth it. Your payoff will be reduced inflammation which means less redness, pimples, and blemishes. It’s your first line of defense for waking up looking great. But you’re not quite done. What you put on your face at night is just as important as your morning regimen (cleanse, moisturize, sunscreen right?) Nighttime is the perfect opportunity to use a treatment serum (Vit A, maybe?) and nutritive rich moisturizer. Good quality products will help your skins refreshing and healing process as you get your z’s.

In upcoming posts, I will talk about some skin care products on the market, which ones I like, and why. I’ll also give you some information on the professional lines I use in my skin care treatments and facelift massage sessions. So, wake up rested with glowing skin and say tuned!