One of my favorite parts of a massage session is massaging the face. In 1999,  I studied at the Bellanina  institute in Michigan, which specializes in FaceLift Massage techniques. With that training I developed my own face massage, which in addition to lifting and toning the skin and facial muscles, is also very hydrating.   I got my estheticians license in 2007, so I could treat my clients a blend of deep cleansing, hydrating masks and massage – all of which provide many benefits.





It’s important to start with a clean slate before a face massage.  A thorough cleanse and exfoliation helps the nutrients and emollients from the oils and masks really penetrate your skin.    






 Face massage increases circulation, helping  the cell turnover rate, and stimulating collagen, which starts to decline in your late 20’s.





The hydrating face massage is so gentle, it’s great to have before a special event.     You won’t break out or be too red.   Frequent treatments help lift and tone the facial muscles, helping you to look and feel younger and refreshed.   





 Rest and relaxation is so underrated!     We still think it’s a luxury to relax.    But with the stresses of daily life, you really need to have a monthly relaxation routine.    (Actually you need something every day that brings you inner peace and quiets your mind!)