How do we make time for ourselves and still excel in other areas of our life -at home, and at work? I suggested in a previous blog that we just make time. For example, to start writing, I had to get up an hour earlier a few days per week. I am used to that schedule now and its a habit. But what took me so long to start? I think for most of us, if we are honest, we can always find the time for what is important. So the bigger challenge has nothing to do with the calendar, but lies in our heads and hearts- its a problem with motivation.

First, we have to find out what is important to us, right? Of course we already have value and goals around family and work, so we know what is important in those areas and have habits and structure around them. But what is the thing that is nagging at us, that is uniquely our own inner voice challenging us to do more?

Some of these promtings come from our goals. For the longest time, I wanted to lose weight. I knew I had to fit in exercise as part of that goal. I was Aware that that was a key in weight loss. I capitalize AWARE because as our inner voice speaks louder, and we learn to listen, we get to a place where we know, we have to do something. Once we are in this place of awareness, we must take immediate ACTION. We must start. We can start slow and imperfectly, but the minute we begin a switch happens in our consciousness. My experience with weight loss has been rewarding, and now exercise is a habit. It started with awareness, and acceptance that I needed to start exercising. Then I had to make a choice and just do it. The amazing thing is that my motivation became the exhilaration from my sense of accomplishment. And the results (15 lbs down) are really motivating. So, become Aware (through meditation, perhaps?), accept you must do, and take immediate Action. The most motivation comes from the doing, the habit.

If you are feeling like I have- that following your inner promptings to (fill in the blank) … will be taking time away from the people in your life, I invite you to look at it a different way.

Developing ourselves and focusing some energy on our own values and dreams, nurtures our capacity to serve and help others. We show up for others best when we have shown up for ourselves first. When our physical, emotional and spiritual needs are met, we become unstoppable at being there for other people and our relationships.

What is your inner voice saying to you today? Do you appreciate yourself enough to listen to it?