Reiki Healing


Reiki was developed in Japan in 1922 by Mikao Usui and is designed to be an alternative form of energy healing.  It is used for stress reduction, relaxation, and healing. Spiritual in nature, it is based on the idea that a well of life force energy flows through each and every one of us. When that well of energy is depleted, it is far more likely for us to experience various illnesses  and stress.

When that energy well is refilled, it is far easier for us to be productive, healthy, and happy. The practice of Reiki helps balance, restore, and unblock our full potential for life force energy.

My Personal Experience with Reiki

I received my first Reiki treatment from a fellow massage therapist, and at first I was really skeptical.   I was exhausted that day and I came to her for a massage.  After the massage, she offered me a few minutes of Reiki and I reluctantly agreed.  For 10 minutes she put her hands on my back.  I don’t recall feeling very much, except my energy greatly improved.  I drove home, much more awake and alert.   It wasn’t long before I was signing up for a Reiki 1 class with her!

Hands on Healing with Reiki

I love the meaning of the word-Reiki when it is broken down. “Rei” means universe, oneness, or a higher power, and “ki” means life force energy. “Ki” is the Japanese word for energy, similar to “chi” in Chinese, and the word “prana” used in Sanskrit. Reiki is universal life force energy and it is always available and flowing and never depleted. Reiki Is effective as a stand alone treatment, but is really magical when accompanied by a gentle massage.

Reiki is Found in Many Cultures & Traditions

As a practitioner, I connect with Reiki and allow it to flow through my hands and into my client. A Reiki healing session treats the whole person, including their body, their emotions, their mind and their spirit. By stimulating your body’s natural ability to heal itself, I become the conduit to assist you in healing yourself.

Reiki Can Even Be Done Remotely

Reiki can feel like an intense experience of rejuvenating energy flowing through you, or may simply leave you feeling calm and relaxed. It is not uncommon for my clients to go to sleep, or feel like they are entering into a deep meditative state. Because it is a universal energy, it can even be delivered from a distance. This is very beneficial for clients who are shut-ins and cannot leave their house, or who don’t drive. This practice is very helpful during the current shelter in place.