Covid-19 Pandemic and our skin

The Covid -19 pandemic has turned our lives upside down in almost every way, even in the ways we care for our skin. I know when we first got shut down in March, I felt too depressed to wash my face at night – a practice I ALWAYS did . Some of us ended up with oodles of time but just didn’t feel up to our routine. Others neglected our skin care because we suddenly had too much to do, like be a teacher for our children, and set up a home office. Now that we’ve hopefully developed some equilibrium, let’s get back to our beauty treatments!

I am currently preparing the office to be safe for skin care, so in the meantime I am encouraging you to take matters into your own hands. Stress and wearing masks is not doing your skin any good, so great self care is essential so you can be stunning when the mask comes off. Wearing masks dehydrates the skin, causing dry patches, irritation or even breakouts. So what do we do? 


Arbonne Skin Care Products

If you haven’t already, check out my Arbonne page. Arbonne is pure, organic and effective. It is vegan and cruelty free. There is nothing better to get your skin through a pandemic. Arbonne’s nutrient rich and hydrating formulas will heal and nourish your skin naturally.

In order to have clear and glowing skin, it’s important to cleanse at least once per day, but twice is even better. Cleansing removes oil, dirt, makeup and other debris that accumulates during the day. In the morning a light cleanse refreshes your skin and provides clean canvas for moisturizer, sun screen, and makeup. 

A thorough nighttime cleanse removes oils and debris from the day, and is the perfect time to add nutrients and moisture that will heal and nourish your skin all night long. Skin rejuvenates and heals while you sleep, just like the rest of your body. Smooth on a layer of Re9 Advanced Prepwork overnight face jelly before bed to help soften and hydrate your skin. For deeper hydration for super dry skin check out SuperCalm-Soothing Hydrator-with-Tiger-Grass Blend.

Not only is proper home care effective in keeping your skin healthy during Covid, it will help relax you. Take a little extra time massaging in your moisturizer, try these exfoliating and nourishing masks:  

Re9 Advanced Cellular Renewal Mask  – (this is a great exfoliant. Apply after cleansing and rinse thoroughly after 5-10 minutes) and follow up with RE9 Advanced Skin Revitalizing Facial Sheet Mask. Turn on some soft music, lie down and let this
mask sooth your skin for about 10 minutes.

For a truly skin transforming and restorative routine, try the entire set.