Hi there! I’m back with more thoughts on self-appreciation, and how important I feel that it is for us to have this thing called self-care/love. I love looking up words in the dictionary. Even though I know what appreciation means, do I understand it in a relatable way – including how it relates to my relationship with myself? Appreciation is defined as 1) to be thankful for something, 2) to highly regard or value, 3) to be fully aware or conscious of something, and 4) to raise in value.

Wow, so take a peak inside yourself. I see appreciation as having gratitude, the capacity for wonder, and the ability to truly know and value what is important to me. So, what are you grateful for? What brings a sense of joy and wonder to your heart? What gives you purpose and what are your unique challenges? What do you value the most, and how do you express those values? How do you value yourself? So often I think we treat ourselves like a car we have just purchased, that starts losing value the minute we drive it off the lot. Gratitude for who we are and all we have to offer, and the simple joys in life often get brushed aside. I think we depreciate ourselves far more often than we nurture ourselves.

It’s so easy to treat our lives as something to “get done.” We are busy people. There IS a lot we want and need to accomplish. The challenge is knowing and remembering our value, that we are valuable no matter what we do. Filtering our activities and goals through the lens of self-love, and adjusting our priorities to align more with our values, is a worthy endeavor. But self-appreciation is rarely a priority and usually gets lost in the shuffle.

Self-appreciation means loving ourselves enough to practice self-affirming thoughts and activities, and living from gratitude and wholeness. This can’t be done perfectly of course, and for me, perfection isn’t even the goal. Growth is the goal. We can make progress toward our perfect ideal as we care for ourselves each day. Self love grows as we push aside negativity, focus on our assets instead of our flaws, and don’t allow busyness or other peoples opinions to divert us. We can choose. We can no longer treat ourselves like a car being driven off the lot. What do you think?