I want to talk about self-appreciation. Wonderful information abounds about self love (I googled it), and that is not surprising considering so many of us struggle with the concept. I know I have. What does it really mean to love and appreciate myself? To care for and nurture myself? If you’re anything like me, you don’t want to be seen as self absorbed or selfish. So where is the balance? What does it look like to really appreciate ourselves and still love and serve others? How is this done? And how do we find the time for ourselves when work, family and other demands really need us?

The best I can come up with is that we just make time for it. I have learned to do this by trying to write this blog. It has been an idea in my head for years. But I have a career and a busy life. I told myself I will start tomorrow. Then the heater dies in December and takes priority, or the plumbing gets backed up. My blog? Out the window once again. Thinking back on it now, sitting here at 5:30am in the coziness of June, I could have snuggled under a blanket and blogged anyway. I heard somewhere that needing or wanting to change or accomplish something isn’t enough-you have to do it. How simple that sounds but often difficult to do. Hence the early morning wake up call (not preplanned with an alarm – I think my intuition woke me up.)

How do you make time relax, play, or grow a hobby? What do you think?